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For my newspaper article i decided to produce two different sized business card ads.

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UI Designer User Interface DesignerAs the web and even desktop computer environments become more ingrained into our daily lives, the role of the UI designer becomes more and more important.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles. com/ What's happening to good web site design?Somehow we creative types at interactive Dazzle Your Audience With Multimedia Presentations and traditional ad agencies have run amuck we're building web sites that may dazzle the senses, but don't really communicate much about our client's business or products and services!1. Somehow I don't think anyone has a burning desire to spend 30 60 seconds on the Index page of a web site while another fancy Flash animation loads, complete with snazzy graphics, audio, and way cool cutting edge graphics not!People want to get real information, not razzle dazzle graphics showing how great a developer is using the latest whiz bang technology!2. I thought Frames went out of style like adding a . com to your company's name. Apparently not, as there are still lots of web sites using Frames forcing users to see a web site with mix and match bad graphics, odd menus and just a plain ugly interface. 3. I some times wonder if some of my fellow design geeks all own Adobe stock, or they are just trying to make sure HTML disappears as a content standard. The last thing many people want is to sit and watch as their 56 kbps dial up struggles with opening a doc in Adobe's proprietary PDF format many click off and are gone to the next web site. Content should be offered in HTML or Word format, both of which open instantly no, I don't own any Microsoft shares!Another popular time waster appears to be designing web sites that require people to list all of their contact points, including first born children, their dog's pedigree etc. Registration forms should be short and no more than 4 5 entries that just require fundamental contact information. Mr. McWade's formative background is in printing and publication design, with a specialty in typography. He has authored three books: Before and After Page Design, Graphics for Business, and How to Design Cool Stuff. Just a detail this time but an important one. Whenever you're designing a multi page document, a magazine, paper, website, you need to establish visual continuity. The look you start with like on the cover needs to run through the whole thing.

graphic design software free download for windows 8

However, either Sir Winston Churchill or the British Royal family, or both intervened on her behalf, and she was released. Escaping from official prosecution was one thing, but escaping from the wrath of the French people was an entirely different thing. The French people meted out punishment to French women, who collaborated with the Nazis during the occupation. Thus after the war, Chanel was clearly a target of the French people, and she was forced to flee to Switzerland where she took up temporary residence. After the war ended most of the couture houses that left the country returned to France, and attempted to re establish their businesses, as the war torn country was being rebuilt. Chanel's absence from France created a vacuum in the world of fashion designing, that was difficult to fill, obviously due to the dominant position held by her prior to the war. But, this was felt not in France, but in the United States and Britain, where she had a large following and clientele. In fact, when Chanel closed down her fashion empire just before the invasion of France by Germany, her faithful U. S. clients voiced their protests, which was conveyed to the French Government. However, in France her image suffered irreparable damage due to her involvement with the Nazis, which was subsequently reflected in the low demand for her products after her return to France.